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Using internet protocols to share and manage data is cost effective and efficient, exactly why so many schools and businesses are now using Intranets and Electronic Document Management Systems to securely share and manage information.

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An intranet is a computer network that uses Internet Protocol technology to share information, operational systems, or computing services within an organization. The term is used in contrast to internet, a network between organisations, and instead refers to a network within an organisation. Sometimes, the term refers only to the organisation’s internal website, but may be a more extensive part of the organisation’s information technology infrastructure, and may be composed of multiple local area networks. The objective is to organise each individual’s desktop with minimal cost, time and effort to be more productive, cost efficient, timely, and competitive.

Electronic Document Management Systems

Electronic document management system (EDMS) that solves the problems of managing, finding, and tracking documents. Elements of an electronic document management system (EDMS). The many features and functions of a document management system are designed to support these general categories of information management:

  • Document Scanning: Convert paper to digital files
  • Document Storage: Store files electronically
  • Document Workflow: Automate processes, electronically route information, and record an audit trail
  • Version Control: Capture a record of every change
  • Document Search: Search and retrieve files
  • Records Management: Apply records polices
  • Open-source alternatives: Create your own open-source document management customisations using our open SDK-API


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